Lochearnhead Highland Games

See more pictures of Lochearnhead Highland GamesThe Highland Games have been a classic part of Scottish culture for centuries. Many stories have been told purporting to explain the origins of highland games:

A method of finding the best warriors to fight for the clan chieftain
A way of passing the time for agricultural workers – using available items such as hammers, tree trunks and bales of straw as a means of testing the strength.
Whatever the origins, highland games take place regularly in many highland villages and towns every year. 14 miles north of Callander, set in the splendid natural amphitheatre of the surrounding hills, Lochearnhead Games are still run along traditional lines as a “village games”. The Lochearnhead Games are on Saturday 26th July this year. For information about all the Highland Games in Scotland go to http://www.shga.co.uk/map.php


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